Advanced systems for the enhancement of the environmental performance of WINEries in Cyprus (WINEC)

Program at a glance

Funding Agencies

European Commission, LIFE+ programme

Program Period


Project Acronym


Project Code

LIFE08 ENV/CY/000455

Project Title

Advanced Systems for the Enhancement of the Environmental Performance of Wineries in Cyprus

Project Coordinator

Prof. Despo Fatta Kassinos, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Nireas – International Water Research Center, University of Cyprus, Cyprus

Associated Beneficiaries

Department of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete
S.K. Euromarket Ltd
RTD Talos Ltd
Department of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment
Tsiakkas Winery

Total Budget

1,366,183 €

Budget for CEE* / Nireas-IWRC

563,742 €

Project Website

* CEE: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Program Overview

WINEC project aimed at identifying the major environmental problems specifically associated with the operation of wineries and establishing environmentally friendly and effective solutions in order to effectively deal with those problems. Potential environmental improvements for wineries are evident through the implementation of effective Environmental Management Systems aiming at the effective treatment of their wastewater, minimization of solid waste disposal and maximization of their reuse potential, reduced electricity, fuel and water consumption, reduced emissions and discharges to the environment, reduced packaging waste production, reduced chemicals use and compliance with the relevant environmental legislation in all sectors.

The main objectives of WINEC were the following: 1) Review of the wine industry in Europe and in Cyprus. 2) Set up of an Environmental Management System by following the “EMAS-easy” approach in Tsiakkas winery. 3) Set up of a pilot plant for advanced Winery WasteWater Treatment (WWWT) with the use of solar photocatalysis.  4) Further dissemination of the project’s results through internet, relevant publications, dissemination events. 5) encouragement of wineries for the application of environmental management practices.

Indicative Work Packages:

1.    Wine industry in Cyprus and Europe
2.    Environmental review – Environmental Action Plan
3.    Building the system for environmental performance optimization
4.    Design for pilot WWWT
5.    Construction and commissioning of WWWT plant
6.    Project results exploitation – Guidelines and specifications for improved environmental performance in the winery industry
7.    Dissemination – Communication, After LIFE+ Communication Plan
8.    Project Management and Monitoring

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