EmBIOS - The Greek origin

Embios (Έμβιος) comes from the ancient greek word bios (Βίος). Έμβιος: Έν + Βίος. Live organisms (from bacteria to human beings) are the paradigm of the biological phenomenon of life.  To this direction, EmBIOS laboratory handles and manipulates live microorganisms.

EmBIOS - The Lab

The newly established EnvironMental BIOlogical Systems Laboratory (EmBIOS) combats environmental pollution taking advantage of microorganisms’ vast capabilities. Wastewater biotreatment is optimized through in-depth understanding of microorganisms’ metabolism using omics technologies, mathematical modelling of gene regulatory networks, resources recovery and added-value compounds biosynthesis.

EmBIOS - The Lab Equipment

A recent equipment of the lab is the automated liquid handling system (Felix, Analytic Jena) enabling high-throughput omics analysis. The lab has incubator (Biosan, Orbital Shaker) for microbial cell cultures, hot plate stirrer (Corning), microcentrifuge (ThermoScientific), vortex (Corning), SDS-PAGE electrophoresis (Biorad) and access to the analytical facilities of GAIA Laboratories for equipment such as qPCR (Biorad) and GC-MS (Agilent).

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