Research Pillar 2 - Drinking water supply, distribution and management​

Research Pillar 2 - Drinking water supply, distribution and management

  • Evaluation of the current water resources capabilities in Cyprus
  • Numerical simulations for groundwater recharge
  • Development of numerical simulation tools for:
  • the prediction of evaporative losses from freshwater reservoirs, and
  • the dynamic behaviour of dams in earthquake conditions and their integrity in hydraulic fracture conditions and (c) the risk of subsoil erosion
  • Development of numerical simulation code for the prediction of salt-water intrusion
  • Water Distribution Networks (WDN): Leak detection, Sensor placement optimization, Data mining and Machine Learning, Spatio-temporal analysis and data clustering, Decision-support systems, Automated meter reading (AMR)
  • Vulnerability Analysis of WDN: Fragility/Vulnerability analysis of pipes under normal and abnormal operating conditions, Survival analysis, Intermittent water supply and its effects on WDNs, Real-time WDN anomaly detection
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