Modified Hydraulic Fracturing for Unconsolidated Reservoirs

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Restart 2016-2020 (Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation) – Excellence

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Modified Hydraulic Fracturing for Unconsolidated Reservoirs

Project Coordinator

Prof. Panos Papanastasiou, Nireas – International Water Research Center, University of Cyprus, Cyprus

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Project Summary

Hydraulic fracture is a complex multiphysical phenomenon encountered in many man-made and natural processes. The most notable example of its intended application is fracking, a method widely used to enhance the recovery of hydrocarbons from unconventional reservoirs. Unintentionally induced hydraulic fracture can have a detrimental impact on the environment in the areas of CO2 sequestration or underground waste disposal. All these applications create demand for a proper understanding and prediction of process through accurate mathematical modeling and numerical simulations. The objective of the projects is the development of the mathematical and computational modeling of the hydraulic fracturing process in weak gas and oil reservoirs. This improved modeling will optimize the design of hydraulic fracture in unconsolidated reservoirs and enhance the interpretation of the mini-frac test that is used for the determination of insitu reservoir parameters.

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