UWDN modelling, simulation and optimization of leakage detection via sensing technologies

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Funding Agencies

Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (DESMI 2008), Republic of Cyprus

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Project Title

UWDN Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Leakage Detection via Sensing Technologies

Project Coordinator

Prof. Symeon Christodoulou, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Nireas – International Water Research Center, University of Cyprus, Cyprus


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Cyprus, Cyprus

Total Budget

90,000 €

Budget for Nireas-IWRC / UCY

90,000 €

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Program Overview

The project aimed at: (1) The creation of a mathematical model to study urban water distribution networks (UWDN); (2) The development of ‘repair-or-replace’ pipeline management decisions and prioritization of work in UWDN based on risk-of-failure and financial parameters, through the use of a variety of tools (statistical analysis, survival analysis), artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, graph theory, and life cycle costing); (3) The correlation between intermittent water supply and subsequent leakage; (4) The use of an integrated wireless sensor network (WSN) for early leakage detection, through a real-life pilot implementation; (5) The development of related software based on Geographic Information System (GIS) and database management systems.

Working Packages

  • Development of system’s hardware and software requirements
  • Design and Development of Wireless Hardware Add-On for Automatic Meter Reading and Data Transmission
  • Design and Development of Hardware Data-Logger and Wireless Gateway for Data Aggregation and Wireless Transmittal to Remote Data Center
  • Development of Data Integration and Analysis Software
  • System Integration
  • Pilot Study
  • System Performance Evaluation and Improvements in Hardware/Software System Integration
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