Development of a solar technology for the removal of effluent organic matter from urban wastewaters

Program at a glance

Funding AgenciesCyprus Research Promotion Foundation, Republic of Cyprus, European Regional Development Fund
Program Period2008-2010 
Total Budget139,885  € 
Nireas-IWRC Principal InvestigatorProf. Despo Fatta Kassinos 
Project AcronymSoITec 

Program Overview

The general objective of the SolTec project was to bridge the gap between laboratory-scale research and pilot-scale application with the inherent aim to evaluate the technical and economic viability of solar-driven homogeneous photocatalysis (i.e. solar Fenton) application in removing selected xenobiotic compounds from urban wastewater effluents. SolTec aimed at demonstrating that advanced oxidation treatment is able to be ‘green’ and be applied in water-scarce regions for wastewater reuse. 

The main scientific and technological objectives of the SolTec project were to: (1) promote a scientifically verified technology i.e. solar-driven photocatalysis for the depletion of xenobiotics contained in the effluent organic matter (EfOM) from urban wastewater intended for reuse; (2) establish an updated background with regard to the standing policy and legislation concerning wastewater treatment and reuse schemes, to the state-of-the-art technical developments in solar-driven photocatalysis, and to achievable removal levels for the selected xenobiotics with alternative treatment technologies; (3) determine the engineering/technological parameters needed for the scale up of the solar-driven Fenton oxidation process and to design, develop and operate a solar-driven photocatalytic pilot plant; (4) assess and optimize the operation of the solar pilot plant (compound parabolic collector pilot plant) in removing the EfOM and the selected compounds from wastewater effluents; (5) o decrease the final disinfectant demand, and therefore reduce the formation of disinfection by-products during chlorination.

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