NORMAN Association Working Group 5: Wastewater Reuse and Contaminants of Emerging Concern

Program at a glance

Funding Agencies

NORMAN Association

Program Period


Project Acronym


Project Code

N° W604002510

Project Title

NORMAN Association Working Group 5: Wastewater Reuse and Contaminants of Emerging Concern

Leader of the Activity and Grant Holder

Prof. Despo Fatta-Kassinos, Nireas-International Water Research Center, University of Cyprus, Cyprus


Anja Derksen, AD Ecoadvice

Anne Togola, Benjamin lopez, BRGM

Alfieri Pollice, Claudio Giovanni Roscioli, Francesca Cappelli, Giuseppe Mascolo, Maria Concetta Tomei, Sara Valsecchi, Stefano Polesello, CNR-IRSA

Fiona Regan, DCU

Christa McArdell, Juliane Hollender, Qiuguo Fu, EAWAG

Jaroslav Slobodnik, Environmental Institute

Eric Penders, Ruud Steen, Het Waterlaboratorium

Gago-Ferrero Pablo, ICRA

Miren Lopez de Alda, Laura Ponce Robles, Sandra Perez Solsona, IDAEA-CSIC

Valeria Dulio, INERIS

Andrea Brunner, Luc Hornstra, Milou Dingemans, Stefan Kools, KWR

Pawel Krzeminski, NIVA

Prieto Ailette, Plentzia Marine Station

Joanne de Jonge, RIWA – Rijn

Foon Yin Lai, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Katharina Lenz, Umweltbundesamt Austria

Helene Budzinski, University of Bordeaux

Giorgio TomasiUniversity of Copenhagen

Sarit Kaserzon, University of Queensland

Norbert Kreuzinger, Vienna University of Technology

Griet Jacobs, Jos Bessems, VITO

Total Budget

23,000 €

Project website

Project Summary

In response to the escalating problem of water scarcity, treated wastewater and stormwater are increasingly identified as reliable alternative water sources for a range of applications. Although the reuse practice is accompanied by a number of benefits relating to the enhancement of water balance and soil nutrition a number of questions are still open regarding the release of contaminants of emerging concern. Current open challenges include the spreading of biological contaminants (e.g. SARS-CoV-2) and antibiotic resistance, the uptake by plants/crops, the effects that these contaminants and their degradation products may induce in humans and the environment, the identification of technologies that are able to remove such contaminants from wastewater, and means and solutions to overcome these problems and promote safe reuse practices further.

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