Leak Detection and Management in Urban Water Networks Using Wireless Sensors

Program at a glance

Funding Agencies

Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, Republic Of Cyprus

Program Period


Total Budget

130,830 €

NIREAS Contact

Dr. S. Christodoulou

Project Acronym


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The main objective of WaterSense was the development of a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) System for the continuous monitoring of the water supply urban networks aiming to the early detection of water leaks in order to accomplish reduction of water loses. The integration and automation of several leak-finding and water supply network management methods led to the optimization of the networks’ operation. The performance of this innovative system was evaluated through a pilot deployment in a controlled environment under real conditions. The results of this research in conjunction with ongoing research activities for the development of Geographic Information System (GIS) software contributed to the early detection of underground water pipes leaks/destruction achieving even more efficient water resources management in urban networks.

Work Packages

  • Development of system’s hardware and software requirements
  • Design and development of leak-detection sensors, data loggers and wireless gateway
  • Development and evaluation of risk-of-failure factors
  • Design and development of decision support system
  • System integration
  • Pilot study
  • System performance evaluation
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