Ad-Hoc wireless sensor networks for automatic meter reading and vulnerability assessment of water distribution networks

Program at a glance

Funding Agencies Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, Republic Of Cyprus
EU Structural Funds
Program Period2011-2012 
Total Budget159,924 € 
NIREAS/UCY Budget56,800 € 
NIREAS ContactDr. S. Christodoulou 
Project AcronymUCyAMR 
Project Websitesites.google.com/site/UCyAMR/ 
Project CodeAEIFORIA/ASTI/0609(BIE)/07 

Program Overview

The UCyAMR research project aimed at: (1) Expanding current research at the Host Organization on water-loss reduction; (2) Performing vulnerability assessment of lifeline systems (e.g. water, natural gas, electricity), with a focus on urban water distribution networks; (3) Developing prediction and evaluation methods for evaluating the social and economic vulnerability with a view to integrating these methods with engineering-based vulnerability or fragility evaluation methods. The aim will be to provide indicators of engineering, social and economic vulnerability based on a number of factors that represent engineering principles, community demographics, socio-economic and risk perception characteristics; (4) Developing a comprehensive hardware and software solution for the monitoring of piping systems with ad-hoc wireless sensors; (5) Developing a comprehensive hardware and software solution for the automatic meter reading of water meters, providing online monitoring of water consumption in the network; and (6) Implementing the developed system at a pilot location.

Working Packages

  • Development of system’s hardware and software requirements
  • Design and development of wireless hardware add-on for AMR and data transmission
  • Design and development of hardware data-logger and wireless gateway for data aggregation and wireless transmittal to remote data center
  • Development of data integration and analysis software
  • System integration
  • Pilot study
  • System performance evaluation
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