Ad-Hoc wireless sensor networks for automatic meter reading and vulnerability assessment of water distribution networks

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Funding Agencies 

Co-Funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus, thru the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (DESMI 2008)

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Project Title

Ad-Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks for Automatic Meter Reading and Vulnerability Assessment of Water Distribution Networks

Project Coordinator

Prof. Symeon Christodoulou, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Nireas– International Water research Center, University of Cyprus, Cyprus


SignalGeneriX Ltd


Total Budget

159,924 €


56,800 €

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Program Overview

The UCyAMR research project aimed at: (1) Expanding current research at the Host Organization on water-loss reduction; (2) Performing vulnerability assessment of lifeline systems (e.g. water, natural gas, electricity), with a focus on urban water distribution networks; (3) Developing prediction and evaluation methods for evaluating the social and economic vulnerability with a view to integrating these methods with engineering-based vulnerability or fragility evaluation methods. The aim will be to provide indicators of engineering, social and economic vulnerability based on a number of factors that represent engineering principles, community demographics, socio-economic and risk perception characteristics; (4) Developing a comprehensive hardware and software solution for the monitoring of piping systems with ad-hoc wireless sensors; (5) Developing a comprehensive hardware and software solution for the automatic meter reading of water meters, providing online monitoring of water consumption in the network; and (6) Implementing the developed system at a pilot location.

Working Packages

  • Development of system’s hardware and software requirements
  • Design and development of wireless hardware add-on for AMR and data transmission
  • Design and development of hardware data-logger and wireless gateway for data aggregation and wireless transmittal to remote data center
  • Development of data integration and analysis software
  • System integration
  • Pilot study
  • System performance evaluation
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