Integrated platform for security, information and accessibility in intelligent marine transport

Program at a glance

Program Period2013-2015 
Total Budget1.95 million € 
NIREAS/UCY Budget430,000 € 
NIREAS ContactDr. S. Christodoulou 
Project AcronymPRODROMOS 
Dedicated Webpage  
Project CodeINTERREG/2938/08-05-2013 


The project “PRODROMOS” dealt with the creation and implementation of an integrated methodology to complement a “single window” platform, for the security, information and operation of intelligent marine transport. The platform in development aimed at the improvement of the efficiency and security of supply chains and of trafficking through seaports. The project built on previous actions, especially regarding the creation of a “signle window” portal by the Cyprus Ports Authority, and systems studies made by the Department of Public Works of the Ministry of Transport (Cyprus).

PRODROMOS focused on the following RTD issues:

  • safety of transport & the exchange of information between ports,

  • identification and monitoring of cargo/containers in and out of port,

  • secure and intelligent inter-modal transport system,

  • risk assessment and mitigation for port-to-port transport,

  • integrated and scalable system architecture,

  • information for, and security of the port community,

  • interactive information through a web portal,

  • creation of an architecture for a transit hub.

Research Partners:

  • Ministry of Transport (Cyprus)
  • Ports Authority (Cyprus)
  • University of Cyprus
  • Heraclion Port Authority (Hellas)
  • Ministry of Ιnfrastructure, Transport and Networks (Hellas)
  • Foundation for Research and Technology (Hellas)
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