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Workshop (13-14.09.2012): Wastewater Reuse Applications and Contaminants of Emerging Concern
Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Hosted by: NIREAS-IWRC
Organized by: NORMAN Network, DARE-EU COST Action TD0803 and NIREAS-IWRC

This workshop on “Wastewater Reuse Applications and Contaminants of Emerging Concern” will discuss the challenges of wastewater reuse practices with regard to contaminants of emerging concern, their transformation while in the environment, their potential uptake by plants and crops, the effects that these contaminants may induce in the environment, the evolution and release of antibiotic resistance, and technologies that are able to remove such contaminants from wastewater.

The workshop aims to address the following themes: Which are the contaminants of emerging concern that are relevant to wastewater reuse applications? (e.g. antibiotics and other licit and illicit drugs, transformation products, disinfection by-products) 

What are the new concerns related to reuse applications? (direct and/or indirect effects)  What technologies can enhance the ‘conventional’ treatment by removing such contaminants? The workshop is held jointly by the NORMAN Network, COST Action TD0803 (DARE) and the NIREAS-International Water Research Center.

More information about the workshop, its program and related forms can be found here.