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Dr. Stavros Kassinos receives the 'Nikos Symeonides Distinguished Scientist' 2010 award
Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dr. Stavros Kassinos, a NIREAS-IWRC Board of Directors Member, receives the '2010 Nikos Symeonides Distinguished Scientist Award' from the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation.

This award is a great honor for both Dr. Kassinos and NIREAS-IWRC, since it demonstrates both the high level of research conducted by Dr. Kassinos in particular and by NIREAS-IWRC at large.
The Evaluation Committee established under the Competition "Nicos Symeonides Research Award" chosen among many excellent candidates Dr. Stavros Kassinos, for the research project, titled: "Transfer of knowledge for the creation of a multidisciplinary core of excellence in the computational sciences at the University of Cyprus ", which was funded by the Program" Marie Curie ", under the 6th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development of the European Commission.

According to the official announcement of the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, which accompanied the award, "Dr. Kassinos, with the research experience gained at Stanford University and NASA on turbulent flow modeling, has succeeded in a very short period of time in Cyprus, to implement research activities in two relatively young but very important areas of nano-fluids and multidimensional simulations using molecular dynamics and environmental pollution, and to seek solutions to complex problems in modern computational techniques, including the parallelism of numerical codes".

The quality of the project and the deliverables stemming from Dr. Kassinos's work are excellent. Among the many high-quality deliverables are the many excellent publications in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Computational Physics, Physics of Fluids, Chemical Reviews, the organization of seminars, short courses and conferences primarily in Cyprus and the development of significant research collaborations with internationally recognized researchers in Europe and America. The aforementioned have created the conditions for the smooth and substantial funding of the project team, the development and accumulation of intellectual property and the commercialization of numerical techniques which have been developed by Dr. Kassinos's research work. In addition to his successes to-date, Dr. Kassinos, has helped attract from abroad, notable scientists to Cyprus.

"The research path of Dr. Kassinos, which began with his passage from leading academic and research institutions, his excellent publications in high-level scientific journals and the establishment and operation of a sustainable research team in Cyprus with an international scope, highlight a world-class researcher who is on track for a brilliant academic career."