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Cyprus - Israel Bilateral project INNOVAT
Wednesday, December 03, 2014

A new project has been approved by the National Agencies of Cyprus and Israel in the framework of the  transnational cooperation between the two countries.

The general objective of the INNOVAT project is to design, develop, test and validate safe wastewater reuse in agricultural irrigation through scaled-up treatment processes for the alleviation of licit/illicit drugs and mobile resistance elements (MREs), and the development of a risk prioritization and data management software tool for antibiotics, being a useful tool for public authorities, decision-makers and plant operators. The objectives of the project will be achieved through the strong cooperation and networking of two SMEs and three research institutions from Cyprus and Israel.

From Cyprus the Host Organisation is Nireas-IWRC and the partner organisation is T.C. Geomatic. Ltd

From Israel the Host Organisation is Atlantium Technologies Ltd and the partner organisations are The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Volcani - Agricultural Research Organisation.

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