Wireless Sensors for Leak Detection and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

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Author: Christodoulou, S., Agathokleous, A., Kranioti, S., Xanthos, S. and Gagatsis, A.

Year: 2012

Publisher: Nireas-IWRC

File: Click Here


Water losses associated with ineciencies in the underground water distribution system are not only causing revenue losses for the local water boards but also signi cantly negatively a ect a country’s national water reserves. Even though assisting in de ning the problem and in devising remediation strategies for it, posterior analysis of the causes of such inef ciencies are far from being e ective and immediate problem-solving and water-saving methodologies. The work presented herein centers on real-time monitoring and assessment of urban water distribution networks by use of wireless sensors. NIREAS-IWRC aims the development of an integrated management system for water distribution networks that combines analytical and neurofuzzy decision support systems, geographical information systems and wireless sensor networks. This report outlines ongoing NIREAS-IWRC research work on the sustainable management of water pipe networks through real-time data acquisition and processing of sensor signals collected from a distributed ad-hoc wireless sensor network. The work described herein includes a short review of existing remote-sensing and automatic meter reading (AMR) technologies and moves on to an experimental investigation of selected sensing technologies, developing a novel ‘optimal sensor placement’ method based on entropy-maximization and then concluding with an overview of the NIREAS-IWRC proposition on a novel AMR platform (hardware and software) for use in remote-sensing, leak detection and waterloss management.

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