Analytical and Numerical Models for the Risk-of-Failure Analysis of Urban Water Distribution Network Components

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NIREAS-IWRC/D5.14.2, Version 1.1

Author: Christodoulou, S., Agathokleous, A., Kranioti, S., Xanthos, S. and Gagatsis, A.

Year: 2012

Publisher: Nireas-IWRC

File: Click Here


Among the most important components of sustainable management strategies for water distribution networks is the ability to integrate risk analysis and asset management decision-support systems (DSS), as well as the ability to incorporate in the analysis nancial and socio-political parameters that are associated with the networks in study. Presented herein is a neurofuzzy decision-support system for the performance of multi-factored risk-of-failure analysis and pipe asset management, as applied to urban water distribution networks. The study is based on two datasets (one from New York City and the other from the city of Limassol, Cyprus), analytical and numerical methods, and arti cial intelligence techniques (arti cial neural networks and fuzzy logic) that capture the underlying knowledge and transform the patterns of the network’s behavior into a knowledge-repository and a DSS. The report also investigates the e ects of intermittent water supply on the vulnerability of urban water distribution networks (UWDN) based on a three-year dataset from the cities of Limassol and Nicosia (Cyprus). The dataset includes information on breakage incidents, operating network parameters, external factors and vulnerability assessment and by use of datamining and survival analysis techniques evaluates the e ects of such intermittent supply strategies on the vulnerability of the water pipes and on the sustainability of the strategy.

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