Activity 4: Project background and OMW valorization review

4.1.Analysis of OMW management existing status

4.2.Overview of legal framework

4.3.Technological benchmark


Activity 5: Performance of different OMW treatment techniques and development of uniform treatment processes

5.1.Comparison of OMW treatment technologies, harmonizing OMW screening procedures and water quality parameters. Overview of legal framework

5.2.OMW screening

5.3.Analyses of OMW screening tests


Activity 6: Pilot demonstrations

6.1.Designing and setting-up of pilot plants

6.2.Training of personnel

6.3.Pilot testing 1st milling campaign

6.4.Pilot testing 2nd milling campaign


Activity 7: Feasibility and evaluation of OMW by-products recovery

7.1.By-product recovery and evaluation


Activity 8: Economic evaluation of the proposed solutions

8.1.Economic evaluation of existing OMW processes

8.2.Economic evaluation of OMW processes tested in the project

8.3.Evaluation of overall economic and environmental benefits


Activity 2: Project dissemination and visibility

2.1.Design of the project’s logo

2.2.Design and development of the project’s website and continuous update

2.3.Setting up a list of stakeholders and target groups

2.4.Sparking media involvement and announcements in newspapers


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