Dr. Iakovos C. Iakovides’s online poster presentation won the e-poster award at WWSS23

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Dr. Iakovos C. Iakovides participated via an online poster presentation at the 8th Distance Education e-learning International Summer School and Workshop on Wastewater & Biosolids Management 2023 (WWSS23) that took place during 24-29 of July 2023 in Patras, Greece. His poster/talk won the e-poster award competition organized by WWSS23. 

I.C. Iakovides I, V.G. Beretsou, T. Mina, A. Christou, C. Michael, D. Fatta-Kassinos,
“Method validation and investigation of eight pharmaceutical compounds in the wastewater-soil-plant continuum irrigated with treated wastewater under real-field conditions”

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