Nireas-IWRC Offices

Nireas-IWRC Offices

Nireas-IWRC 400m2 2-story building includes 44 office spaces equipped with desks, computers with wi-fi and internet capabilities

Nireas-IWRC conference room located on the second floor is able to host 20 people and can easily be converted into a lecture room. Each floor has a functional kitchen that includes refrigerators, water coolers and microwaves.

The entrance of the building bares signs of Nireas-IWRC, Eupalinos (Construction Engineering and Water Networks Management Laboratory), SRL (Subsurface Research Laboratory), UCY-CompSci (Computational Science Laboratory) and Gaia (Laboratory of Environmental Engineering) all belonging under the Center’s umbrella. Eupalinos, SRL and UCY-CompSci groups are located on the first floor and Gaia group is located on the second floor.

The building also features a five-car underground garage for employees of Nireas-IWRC.

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