Nireas-IWRC’s research and outreach activities are founded on five equally important pillars (Fig. 1):

(1) water quality, monitoring and treatment,
(2) water supply and urban water management,
(3) socioeconomic analysis for water-related issues,
(4) human resource development, and
(5) dissemination.

Fig. 1 – NIREAS-IWRC’s Pillars
Nireas-IWRC’s modus operandi is a self-feeding cycle of five stages (Fig. 2) during which national and international water-related needs will be identified, problems formulated and then researched. Solutions will then be developed and forwarded for implementation, and results be disseminated through national and international channels. The dissemination of results and the feedback from other researchers and the public at large will feed the next cycle of need identification, problem formulation and research in an ever-increasing circle of thematic research areas and research problems tackled by NIREAS-IWRC.
Fig. 2 – NIREAS-IWRC’s research methodology