Nireas-IWRC has accumulated a voluminous Body of Knowledge on a variety of water-related research topics, manifested through peer-reviewed scientific journals, conference proceedings, books and technical reports.

Below is a partial list of the work done by the Nireas-IWRC research teams on a variety of water-related topics. The list is updated frequently, providing short abstracts and links to the full-length manuscripts. For more focused lists please use the side menu to narrow the search of the Nireas-IWRC knowledge repository.

Selected Journal Publications / Water Quality

K. Kümmerer, D. D. Dionysiou, O. Olsson, D. Fatta-Kassinos
Science of the Total Environment (accepted) (2018)
A. Christou, M. C. Kyriacou, E. C. Georgiadou, R. Papamarkou, E. Hapeshi, P. Karaolia, C. Michael, V
Published (2018)
P. C. Papaphilippou, C. Yiannapas, M. Politi, V. M. Daskalaki, C. Michael, N. Kalogerakis, D. Mantza
Chemical Engineering Journal, 224, 82-88. (2013)
L. Ioannou, T. Velegraki, C. Michael, D. Mantzavinos, D. Fatta-Kassinos
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, , 12(4), 664-670 (2013)
E. Hapeshi, I. Fotiou, D. Fatta-Kassinos
Chemical Engineering Journal, 224, 96, 105. (2013)
Z. Frontistis, N. P. Xekoukoulotakis, E. Hapeshi, D. Venieri, D. Fatta-Kassinos, D. Mantzavinos
Chemical Engineering Journal, 178, 2011, 175-182. (2012)
Z. Frontistis, D. Venieri, E. Hapeshi, C. Drosou, D. Fatta-Kassinos, N.P. Xekoukoulotakis, D. Mantza
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 240, 33-41 (2012)
Z. Frontistis, D. Fatta-Kassinos, D. Mantzavinos, N. P. Xekoukoulotakis
Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 87, 2012, 1051-1058 (2012)
M.I. Vasquez, M. Garcia-Käufer, E. Hapeshi, J. Menz, K. Kostarelos, D. Fatta-Kassinos, K. Kümmerer
Science of the Total Environment, 450-451, 2013, 356-365. (2012)
M.I. Vasquez, E. Hapeshi, D. Fatta-Kassinos, K. Kümmerer
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, accepted. (2012)
M. Al-Sari’, I. A. Al-Khatib, M. Avraamides, D. Fatta-Kassinos
Waste Management and Research, 32, 122-136. (2012)
I. Michael, L. Rizzo, C.S. McArdell, C.M. Manaia, C. Merlin, T. Schwartz, C. Dagot, D. Fatta-Kassino
Water Research, accepted. (2012)
I. Michael, E. Hapeshi, V. Osorio, S. Perez, M. Petrovic, A. Zapata, S. Malato, D. Barcelo, D. Fatta
Science of the Total Environment, 430, 167-173 (2012)
I. Michael, E. Hapeshi, C. Michael, D. Fatta-Kassinos
Water Science and Technology, 2013, 67(6), 1260-1271. (2012)
I. Michael, E. Hapeshi, C. Michael, A.R. Varela, S. Kyriakou, C. Manaia, D. Fatta-Kassinos
Water Research, 46, 5621-5634 (2012)
N.P. Xekoukoulotakis, C. Drosou, C. Brebou, E. Chatzisymeon, E. Hapeshi, D. Fatta-Kassinos, D. Mantz
Catalysis Today, Elsevier, 161(1), 163-168. (2011)
L.A. Ioannou, E. Hapeshi, M. I. Vasquez, D. Mantzavinos, D. Fatta-Kassinos
Solar Energy, Elsevier, 85(9), 1915-1926 (2011)
D. Fatta-Kassinos, S. Meric, A. Nikolaou
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 399,251-275 (2011)
D. Fatta-Kassinos, E. Hapeshi, A. Achilleos, S. Meric, M. Gros, M. Petrovic, D. Barcelo
Water Resources Management, 25, (4), 1183-1193 (2011)
H. Choi, M. Antoniou, M. Pelaez, A. de la Cruz, J. Shoemaker, and D. Dionysiou