Nireas-IWRC Newsletters
Nireas-IWRC Newsletters

Nireas-IWRC publishes a number of newsletters on its activities and ongoing research projects. Below you can find both the latest, as well as past, issues of such newsletters.

  • Nireas-IWRC Times
    • The newsletter brings to you the latest news of Nireas-IWRC research, educational and outreach activities on a variety of topics related to the activities of the Center. Regular articles and research updates included in the newsletter range from water quality, urban water distribution networks, salt intrusion, remote sensing, groundwater remediation, evapo-transpiration, decision support systems, numerical simulations, etc.
  • AMR Chronicle
    • The newsletter focuses on urban water distribution networks and automatic meter reading.


NIREAS IWRC Times Date Vol Format Download Link
Nireas-IWRC Times 12/2012 Vol. 1, Issue 2
Nireas-IWRC Times 06/2012 Vol. 1, Issue 1
AMR Chronicle 12/2011 Vol. 1, Issue 1