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EU project to present innovative technologies for treatment of olive mill wastewater at olive oil fair
Friday, November 16, 2012

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MEDOLICO to present innovative technologies for the treatment of olive mill wastewater at OLIOLIVA


MEDOLICO, a standard project focusing on the valorisation of olive mill wastewater, will be presented during the twelfth edition of "OLIOLIVA", a fair dedicated to the olive oil sector to take place in Imperia (Italy) from 16th to 18th November. During a workshop scheduled on 16th November, the innovative technologies being developed by MEDOLICO to reduce the toxic substances contained in olive mill wastewater will be showcased. In addition, a practical case - olive mill "Fratelli Fresia"- where to apply the treatment solutions will be illustrated.

The event is organised by the Liguria Chamber of Commerce (Italy), partner of MEDOLICO. The project, implemented over a period of 36 months, aims to address the need for a harmonized and basin-wide effort that significantly reduces the environmental impact of wastewater generated by olive mills.

Besides building up cost-efficient solutions, MEDOLICO will also contribute to recovering a suitable quantity of by-products resulting from olive oil extraction to compensate for the cost of wastewater treatment technologies. Finally, olive mills operators will be supported through training sessions and guidelines. 

MEDOLICO budget is € 1.964.500 of which € 1.768.050 are provided as ENPI contribution (90%). Led by NIREAS - International Water Research Center, University of Cyprus, the partnership is composed of the following organisations:

• Matimop, Israeli Industry Center for R&D (Israel)
• Liguria Chamber of Commerce (Italy, Liguria)
• National Laboratory of Energy and Geology, Bio-energy Unit (Portugal)
• Jordan University of Science and Technology (Jordan, Irbid)
• Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Israel)
• University of Genova, Department of Chemicals and Industrial chemicals (Italy, Liguria)


MEDOLICO workshop at OLIOLIVA: agenda and registration form