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AMR prototype in production phase
Friday, October 26, 2012

NIREAS-IWRC's AMR project reports a major milestone in its progress to-date. The successful manufacturing of the first fully-designed by Cypriot firms printe circuit board (PCB) for automatic water-meter reading. The AMR device (which works as an add-on to existing water meters) is expected to help monitor water consumption in real-time and reduce the volume of unaccounted-for water in water distribution networks, at a price significantly lower than other technologies that require a complete overhaul of the water meters.

The cutting-edge design will soon go into field-testing and, soon after, into manufacturing.

Congrats to SignalGenerix Ltd (Lemesos), our research partners and designers of the device, for their breakthrough design. Thanks are also extended to FWS Ltd and the Water Board of Lemesos for their contributions to the AMR project.