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NIREAS-IWRC staff provide expert-opinion services to the Municipality of Larnaca
Thursday, September 27, 2012

The expertise of NIREAS-IWRC's staff on soil decontamination was recently utilized by the Larnaca Municipality, having sought the assistance of the Soil Remediation Laboratory to identify potential subsoil pollution due to an oil leak at a locale in Larnaca.

The team of NIREAS-IWRC's Soil Remediation Laboratory, composed of Prof. Constantine Kostarelou, Dr. Marinos Stylianou and Ms. Iphigenia Gabriel, have participated in the exploratory drill, on-site sampling and off-site chemical analysis, identifying/measuring the levels of pollution and repotring on possible remediation measures. The Research Laboratory Subsurface University of Cyprus has both the expertise as well as the facilities required to explore various methodologies associated with the restoration of the subsoil. A recent research work of the laboratory is the development of a chemical sensor that could be used to detect and measure in-situ pollution using a fiber optic probe. This sensor has huge potential as it can be installed on site and provide remote-sensing capabilities.

This research is in collaboration with the Department of Environment, with the help of the company InterGeo.

More information can be found at the University of Cyprus's online announcement board (in greek).