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Kick-off meeting of the Nereus COST Action ES1403
Wednesday, December 03, 2014

On November 7th, the kick-off meeting of the newly established Nereus COST Action ES1403 took place in Brussels. The Memorandum of Understanding of the Action, has been signed by 29 European Union countries so far, making NEREUS one of the biggest Actions.

The Chair of the Action is the Director of Nireas-IWRC Dr. Despo Fatta-Kassinos and the Vice-Chair is Dr. Celia Manaia from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

The COST Action includes 5 Working Groups (WG) as follows: 

  • WG1: Microbiome and mobile antibiotic resistome in treated wastewater and in downstream environments
  • WG2: Uptake and translocation of organic microcontaminants and ARB&Gs in crops
  • WG3: Effect-based bioassays required for wastewater reuse schemes.
  • WG4: Technologies efficient/economically viable to meet the current wastewater reuse challenges
  • WG5: Risk assessment and policy development

More information on the Aciton can be found on