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Asprokremmos Dam (the second largest in Cyprus) overflows
Thursday, January 26, 2012

(Cyprus, 26 Jan. 2012)

The sight of overflowing water-dams is once again gracing life in Cyprus as days of continuous rain and heavy snowfall have brought overflowing rivers volumous water runoffs.

Water levels have reached 181,20 million cubic metres (62.30 per cent of total capacity) and the total flow of water into the dams for January 2012 is aproximately 58.50 million cubic metres. This is the second largest flow in the last ten years. The largest flow was in 2004 with 89 million cubic metres. In fact, the Asprokremmos dam – the second largest dam in Cyprus – is expected to overflow within the next 24 hours.

According to the Water Development Department, the flow of water into all the dams [between Tuesday and Wednesday] was 3.8 million cubic metres, with the most amount of water flowing into the Kourris dam at 926,000 cubic metres. The total flow of water into all the island’s dams since October 1, 2011 was 66.10 million cubic metres.

Argakas reservoir in Paphos overflowed last Sunday as well as Xyliatou, and Pomos along with another two larger reservoirs that of Tamassos and Klirou, which have a capacity of 2.0 million cubic metres and 2.8 million cubic metres respectively.