Kickoff meeting PRIMA-DSWAP, Barcelona, Spain

July 15-16, 2019


DSWAP (Decision support-based approach for sustainable water reuse application in agricultural production), a new challenging research project funded under PRIMA call just started with a 2 days kickoff meeting at CSIC in Barcelona.

The DSWAP project aims at providing flexible and cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions specifically designed for crop irrigation, with minimal ecological and agronomic impacts, combined to decision support tools coupled to cutting-edge analytical methodologies, consistently with the circular economy approach.

The DSWAP consortium encompasses a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, microbiologists, plant scientists, chemists, soil physicists and ecologists from academic (Technical University of Dresden, University of Cyprus, University of Loraine, University of Salerno, Catholic University of Porto) and government research (Volcani, Agricultural Research Organization (coordinator), CSIC-Barcelona) laboratories and SMEs (Fluence Corp., Euromarket LTD, Apria Systems) highly experienced in both scientific and applicative aspects of wastewater treatment and reuse.