EUPALINOS – Laboratory of Urban Water Distribution Networks
EUPALINOS – Laboratory of Urban Water Distribution Networks


EUPALINOS is a laboratory of urban water distribution networks (UWDN), focused on scientific and industrial research pertaining to the sustainable management of UWDN. EUPALINOS is coordinated by Dr. Symeon Christodoulou and has been the host of several nationally and internationally funded research projects. Examples of such projects relate to sustainability, risk-of-failure assessment and management, waterloss management, neurofuzzy systems and artificial agents in the management of UWDN, waterflow and path routing in piping networks, waterloss sensor development and sensor placement optimization, automatic meter reading, temporal-spatial analysis and GIS.

The total budget of the projects managed by EUPALINOS since 2004 is approximately 1.0 million euro. Currently a visiting Fulbright Scholar, a postdoc, two research associates, one PhD student and a number of graduate students are actively involved in various UWDN-related projects in the lab, with research work from the current and past research groups of EUPALINOS already published in several journals and conference proceedings, an edited proceedings book (Springer), two book chapters and two water-related special issues of high-impact scientific journals.



Eupalinos (Ancient Greek: Εὐπαλῖνος) or Eupalinus of Megara was an ancient Greek engineer who built the Tunnel of Eupalinos in Samos (Greece) in the 6th century BC. The tunnel, presumably completed between 550 and 530 BC, is the second known tunnel in history which was excavated from both ends and the first with a methodical approach in doing so. Being also the longest tunnel of its time, the Tunnel of Eupalinos is regarded as a major feat of ancient engineering. It was constructed for the tyrant Polycrates of Samos, and was a remarkable 1,036 meters (3400 ft) long. It brought water to the city, passing through limestone at the base of a hill; this tunnel still exists.” (source: Wikipedia,


EUPALINOS – The Lab Equipment

100m piped network
100m underground piped network, complete with water tank, valves and sensors.

Wireless sensors and gateway
Flow, pressure, soil moisture, rain, acoustic sensors, and AMR devices

Dedicated servers

6 high-performance 64bit workstations

AMR platform
AMR server, AMR devices, SMS gateway, real-time web-based analysis and GIS mapping

Virtual Reality hardware
EON Reality 3D/VR projection system

Virtual Reality software
EON Reality 3D/VR software

GIS platform

SQL-server platform

Specialized analysis software
Matlab, Crystl Ball, .NET platform, Manifold GIS, ArcGIS, NCSS, Ozeki SMS gateway, etc.