Nireas - International Water Research Center
Nireas - International Water Research Center

Program At A Glance

  Funding Agencies
Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, Republic Of Cyprus
EU Structural Funs
  Program Period 2010-2014
  Total Budget 1,399,945 €
  NIREAS/UCY Budget 1,269,330 €
  NIREAS Contact Dr. D. Fatta Kassinos
  Project Acronym NIREAS - IWRC
  Dedicated Webpage
  Project Code ΝΕΑ ΥΠΟΔΟΜΗ/ΣΤΡΑΤΗ/0308/09

Program Overview

The activities of Nireas-IWRC include interdisciplinary research aiming at the solution of complex scientific and engineering problems under the unifying theme of water management. The goal is to develop further expertise that will enable an integrated approach to this important issue, coupling chemistry, biology, hydrology, geohydrology, hydraulics, advanced modeling capabilities and experimental/analytical work, computational mechanics, risk assessment, environmental science and education, economics and of course various specialties of engineering in order to face various emerging problems in this field. The overarching aim of Nireas-IWRC is to integrate and leverage this interdisciplinary research for the solution of /complex scientific and engineering problems.


Indicative Work Packages

  • Research Pillar 1 - Water Quality, Monitoring and Treatment
    • Advanced Chemical Water Treatment
    • Advanced Wastewater Treatment  through a Hybrid Process 
    • Development and Use of Porous Materials in Water Treatment Applications
    • Characterization of Properties of Particles in Water and  Identification of Organics Adsorbed on Solid Surfaces
    • Environmental Chemical Analysis for Water Quality and Treatment
    • Water Pollutants Impact Assessment


  • Research Pillar 2 - Water Supply and Urban Water Management
    • Water Resource Evaluation
    • Groundwater Resources
    • Protection of Groundwater Resources
    • Groundwater Recharge
    • Development of Mitigation Techniques for Evaporative Loss from Fresh Water Reservoirs
    • Reservoir Sedimentation Monitoring and Management
    • Surface Reservoir Integrity
    • Water Supply and Urban Water Management
    • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Ad-Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks for Leak Detection
    • Numerical Modelling, Prediction and Monitoring of Salt-Water Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers


  • Research Pillar 3 - Socioeconomic Analysis for Water-Related Issues
    • Water-Pricing, Virtual Water, Life-Cycle Assessment, Grey Water, Intermittent Water Supply